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A selection of work from my current projects

During the intervening years of World War 2, around 500 men and women kept personal diaries, which they sent to Mass Observation in monthly installments. The most complete diary was that of Nella Last, who gave a unique insight of her life and thoughts during the World War 2.This film provides a glimpse of Nella’s life through the reading of her diary, which reveal her fears for those fighting overseas and of the scars imposed on those left behind.


I am a freelance photographer and artist living and working in the North of England. My passion for photography began at the age of 16, I would often be seen carrying my first camera, an Olympus Trip as advertised on TV by none other than David Bailey, a camera I still use on occasion to this day. I remain passionate about film photography and although I can be seen regularly clutching one of several film cameras in my possession, I have also added digital to my portfolio, as well as video equipment, used in the production of short films published on

I also write regular articles on my blog

I am a member of Map Collective.  We are a group of four photographers who met whilst studying for our MA in photography. We photograph and write about the Anthropocene. News and events can be found at;




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